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contaminated soil bins

contaminated soil removal & disposal specialists based in Melbourne

Binned-it has years of experience in the area of soil disposal in the Greater Melbourne area. For over a decade we have been offering contaminated soil solutions in and around Melbourne city, and throughout Victoria. Our experienced crew of experts can mobilise very quickly. Often starting jobs the following day if need be. If your needs are urgent, we’re here to help.

Sometime due to past practices, you may find fill on your land or job site is contaminated with asbestos waste, or other contaminates. There’s a huge list of reasons why this may have occurred. Some of these reasons are sinister, however it’s often just a case of bad advice to a previous land owner, poor workmanship by demolition contractors or just bad luck. Binned-it offers excavation, bin hire, transport and safe disposal of soil that is contaminated with hazardous materials like asbestos, tin, zinc and hydrocarbons etc…. We are licensed to cart all classes of contaminated soil. After disposal, Binned-it can then provide you with copies of all relevant documentation for proof of disposal, clearance and any other necessary documentation you may want or require.


We have all of the necessary equipment and personnel to remove your contaminated soil and have it either treated or disposed of, in a responsible and timely manner. We can also supply bins to your site before you have soil reports, and your reporting agency can take sample from the bins in situ. The load can then be taken off site for disposal to the correct waste receiver, once the soil report has come back from testing. This saves time on having to wait to excavate the site, and is no different then testing a stockpile. The stockpile is already in the bin, saving you time and money so you can carry on with site works un-interrupted.

contaminated soil bin and tipper hire

We also offer bin hire or tipper hire if you have all of the other necessary equipment for excavating and removing soil. From 4m3 bins up to 10m3 bodied tipper trucks, and truck and trailers also. We can liaise with all parties, and control frequency and timing of loads if you wish. No project too big or small.

tailored solutions to suite your needs

As you can see, we have a wide array of services to get your project out of trouble and back on time. Our operations manager is happy to talk you through your options to reduce liability and down time. Get in touch with our office today to speak about what solution best suits your needs.

Bin Sizes

find your bin size

Bin size by trailer load: For every 2 trailer loads, there is approximately 1.5㎥ capacity. Refer to the table below to estimate your bin size.

Bin size by wheel barrow: The average modern wheelbarrow is approximately 100L. Ten of these will give you around 1㎥, if they are full to the brim. Refer to the below table to estimate your bin size.

bin size table:

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