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frequently asked questions

Do you have a few questions about or bins or a bit confused about what sort of bin you need or what rubbish you have?

We've put together some of the questions we get asked from time to time to help you out.

  • what can't go in my bin?
    Batteries, gas bottles and fire extinguishers. Asbestos also cannot be placed in general waste and recycling bins.
  • can I make my project any cheaper?
    Yes, we offer many different types of recycling bins to help reduce your costs.
  • what if I underestimate my project and need a bigger bin?
    Unfortunately you’ll have to hire another bin, but we’d be happy to talk about a discount for return customers.
  • can I have same day drop off and pick up for my bin?
    Yes you can.
  • what if I need my bin for longer?
    We are reasonably flexible and can usually accommodate extentions on our bin rentals.
  • what’s the longest I can have the bin for?
    Our normal hire period is 4 days, but other arrangements can be made for various reasons if you need.
  • will all my waste go to landfill?
    No, we pride ourselve on our work to reduce unnecessary landfill, so only non-recyclables will go to landfill.
  • does binned-it use sustainable practices?
    Yes, we recycle ourselves, and we use many 3rd party recyclers.
  • do you have bins that are for recyclables only?
    Yes we do. We supply bins for concrete, brick, soil, cardboard, steel, timber and even plaster.
  • do you only service the suburbs of Melbourne or will you come to my rural property?
    We are happy to supply quotes for rural services.
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